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What We Do

Family Promise of Lincoln County (FPLC) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide shelter, meals and comprehensive assistance to homeless, low-income families with children in Lincoln County, while they seek to achieve sustainable independent living. This is achieved through a collaborative community effort and based off a proven successful national model that partners with local congregations and social service agencies to provide practical and effective services.


We currently provide shelter to one family at our center due to COVID-19 restrictions. Prior to the COVID-19 shutdown, we provided shelter for our families by partnering with local churches. Partnering with Family Promise congregations has given our families the opportunity to build community, network, and grow a support system from our amazing volunteers.

Day Center
Pre-shutdown, our families were able to utilize our Day Center. This is a place to prepare healthy meals, a clean bathroom for bathing and other personal hygiene needs, as well as access to a washer and dryer for our families to launder their clothes. A nursery/quiet room is available for mothers with infants and small children or those who work nights and are in need of a quiet place to get sleep. We also have a workstation to look and apply for jobs, housing and other resources. 

At this time, our day center is being used to shelter the family currently in the program. 

Case Management
We offer On Site Case Management to help our families with Resource-Navigation, Goal-setting, Accountability and offer support.

Throughout the year Family Promise offers classes to their families by partnering with local agencies who offer programs such as Renter’s Second Chance Class, Financial Management Class , Life Skills Class, and Job Skills Class that help our families gain skills they may otherwise not have received. We also teach a Nurturing Parenting Class and Finance Literacy series taught by our staff, which are both offered virtually at this time. 

Prior to the pandemic, transportation between the Family Promise Day Center and the local overnight host site runs two times a day, once in the morning and once in the evening.

Currently, we use our van to help deliver meals to community as needed.