Volunteers are the heart of Family Promise of Lincoln County without them, our program could not exist.  

See the listing below to determine which opportunity is right for you, then contact our

Volunteer Coordinator Christina Hannahs ​at 541-614-0964 or fill out the online application and background check forms below and email them to Christina.hannahs.fplc@gmail.com

Day Center

Mentor: Family Mentor will meet regularly with a FP guest. Develop a trust level, become a support system, and be a healthy role model. Families are being taught life skills, but you can be an example of those skills lived out. You can be a listening ear. If you enjoy getting to know people, encouraging people, and sharing a bit of yourself and life experience with others, this might be a good fit for you.

Child Assistant: When parents are in our classes, with the case manager, and working on the computer to accomplish their goals, little children can often be a distraction. This volunteer would be available to play with children, read stories, etc while the parent worked on their tasks.

Day Center Assistant: This person helps generally around the Day Center. This might be sorting cupboards, unloading new donations, some general cleaning, positive interactions with the families, etc.

Office Assistant: Data entry, creating forms and flyers, answering the phones, etc.

Trailer Mover: The Family Promise trailer transports the beds and moves each week from church to church on Sundays. If you have a truck that can pull a trailer with a 2 inch hitch and don’t mind being a back up for us, let us know!

Event Volunteer: Any time we have events, we need people to help run them!

Skill or Hobby: To share with the children or parents

Grant Writing: We can always use experienced grant writers.

Fundraising: Whether you're great at organizing them, or have some amazing ideas, let us know!

Tech Support: Good with a computer? We sometimes need tech help as well.

Handy Man: Things break, and we need to fix them.

Van Driver: Driver for our transportation.

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