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Family Promise of Lincoln County

Let’s Learn Together
A Free, Fun, Interactive Class using the Nurturing Parent Curriculum

This 8 session class will teach;

  • Communication
  • What my baby/toddler is trying to tell me
  • How to grow through play and books
  • Tools to guide your baby/toddler's behaviors
  • How to keep you baby safe and healthy
  • Brain Development

Thank you to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Monmouth Stake.

Your donation of 30+ fun bags which included, coloring books, crayons, play-doh and other fun things for our children are

AWESOME the kids love them.

Where: Family Promise Day Center, 5030 SE Hwy 101 Lincoln City
Date: Classes start Tuesday, Sept 26th and will run every Tuesday and Thursday through Oct 19th
Time: 10am

Spaces are limited please contact Family Promise to get registered @ 541-614-0964

Open to Public

Join Rusty Stump of First Interstate Bank and Chad Ulrich of OS Credit Union for

Family Promise’s annual

Celebrity Server - Battle of the Bankers REMATCH 2017

Celebrity Server

Battle of the Bankers REMATCH 2017

B'nai B'rith Camp

Family Promise


Your generous tips will be donated to Family Promise of Lincoln County.

  • Wednesday Oct 18th @ 5:30pm
  • Dory Cove 2981 Hwy 101 Lincoln City

We need your help!!

We are adding a patio to the back of our day center. You can help us provide a more comforting envirinment for our families by donating a paver or 5 or 10. We also need pre-treated wood. 2X8X12

This simple donation may only cost you a few dollars but it will provide so much for our families. 

Plase donate today by calling us at 541-614-0964

Our Day Center has been buzzing with volunteers this summer. 

Look at all the improvements YOU have helped us do!